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Term 3 – India

India is such a fascinating and exciting country to learn about. We have definitely used our creative skills this term, we’ve been sewing, dancing, designing and even cooking our own naan breads!

Term 2 – Time Travelers

We absolutely loved going back in time to explore ‘The Great Fire of London’ and the first ‘Journey to the moon’. We completed some amazing diary entries, newspaper reports and letters demonstrating everything we had learnt about the fire that destroyed London in 1666. We discovered who was the first person to land on the moon and we explored Tim Peake’s more recent journey to the ISS.

Term 1 – Dinosaur detectives

We are really enjoying learning all about dinosaurs in Year 2. We loved our WOW day where we dressed up as ‘Dinosaur Detectives’ and completed lots of exciting activities to help us learn more about our topic. Soon we have a very special visitor coming to school…look out for the pictures!

Each child designed and made their own dinosaur model.

Term 6 – Castles

We are absolutely loving our Castle topic! We recently had a ‘Castle Day’ where we spent all morning making our own models. On June 19th we really enjoyed visiting Caldicot Castle and meeting a real knight called Sir Thomas!

Term 5 – Habitats

We’ve been super busy learning about habitats and our local environment. At the beginning of term we had a trip to Portishead Marina so we could see the sculpture trail.

Term 4 – Florence Nightingale

This term we are learning all about how to stay fit and healthy. We have looked back to 1854 and how Florence Nightingale changed hospitals for the better. Take a look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ hospital we made using shoe boxes!

Term 3 – India

We are really enjoying learning about India and all of the Indian traditions. We’ve been sewing mango patterns, cooking naan bread and we’ve learnt lots about Asian elephants! We were also very lucky to watch a puppet show about the story of Rama and Sita.

Term 2 – The Great Fire of London

We’ve been learning all about The Great Fire of London and discussing how lucky we are to have our emergency services now. On Monday 13th November we had a very special visit from some local firefighters!



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