Junior School

Each week, class teachers will choose a child/children who has demonstrated exceptional effort, achievement, kindness etc. to be entered into the Golden Book. A Headteacher Golden Sticker will be presented to children whose names are put in the book. Names will be read out at our weekly Celebration Assembly and shared on this page of the website.

Golden Book children:

9th March 2018

Years 3 and 4 – Manny & Szaffi 3L, Matthew & Olivia 3R, Libby & Matthew 3W, Sofia & Dylan 4S, Lily & Louisa 4D and Rome & Charlie 4F.  

Years 5 and 6 – Myah & Anela 5C, Louis & Alex 5W, Seb & Zak 5B, Sophie & George 5S, Tom & Halima 6HD, Esmee & Milly 6HB and Lily & Alex 6G.

23rd February 2018

Years 3 and 4 – Alfie & Oscar 3L, Jacob & Corey 3W, Charlie & Amelia 3R, Aiden & Maya 4S, Jasper 4D and Lily & Harrison 4F.

Years 5 and 6 – Jacob & Jessica 5C, Ruby & Noah 5B, Albie & Louisa 5W, Sophie & Liam 5S, Charlotte & Frankie 6HB,Susie & Hamish 6HD and Billie 6G.

Infant School

Every week we have a Celebration service to recognise children’s efforts in a particular area.  This takes place weekly, usually on a Tuesday, and is attended by half the classes in rotation. Two children from each class attending receive a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate. This is an opportunity to celebrate special work and/ or children who have displayed the school values, followed the golden rules particularly well or applied their ‘Learnasaur’ learning powers.

Stars of the Week

20th March 2018

Harry, Sophie (Swans), Jake , Isabella (Penguins), William, Annabel (Pelicans), Hollie, Maria (Kingfishers), Alfie, Lily (Falcons), Nadia, Sophia (Robins), Jacob, Josh (Owls), Elsie, Corbin, Tyg (Puffins), Lucy, Reuben (Ducks) and Ivy, Orla (Finches).

30th January 2018

Louis, Connor (Owls), Sienna, Maggie (Falcons), Jamie, Finn (Ducks), Jonah, Octavia (Penguins), Tristan, Nadia (Robins)



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