Junior Sporting Achievements


National Swimming Championships – 15th June 2019         

On Saturday 15th June, a team of five swimmers (Jamie, Alfie, Jaydn, Rio and Charlie) took part in the National Primary Schools Gala in Sheffield. They swam at Ponds Forge Sheffield, which is home to the British swimming and diving events. The team completed a parade around the pool before starting the competition.

They got through to the finals of both the mixed relay and freestyle relay. Overall, the team finished 16th in the whole country.

Report completed by the team.

We are incredibly proud of the whole team- well done boys!

Year 4 Fencing/Laser Tag Competition – 1st May 2019

On Wednesday, 12 awesome athletes from year 4 travelled to Gordano School to participate in a fencing and laser tag competition. The 12 children were all absolutely amazing showing all of High Downs core values and beliefs. Before the competition began the children were all given an introduction to both sports, where they taught the basic techniques and tactics of fencing and laser tag.

The children picked up the skills required for both sports very quickly which meant they were all very successful in the main competition. In the fencing Ava won gold and Dan won silver.  The boys team came runners up in the laser tag event.

A massive well done to all the children who took part in the event, you were awesome!

Gymnastics – 21st January 2019

Year 5 and year 6 competed in a gym competition that was held in Gemini gym. Level 1’s came second with a silver medal and level 2’s came first with a gold medal which means that they will compete in another competition in the summer. There were also individual medals for Violet (5S – bronze) in level one and Ruby (5S – gold) in level two.

By Isla 6G

Hockey Festival – 23rd January 2019

A Y6 boy, 4 Y5 boys and 5 Y5 girls played in a hockey festival at Gordano school on 23/01/2019.

We had lots of fun; we scored 1 goal, won 1 game, and lost 3 games. We learnt lots of new skills, at the end of the session, 2 players from every team played a 4 aside game.

By Joshua 6G

Year 6 Dodgeball Tournament – December 18

Kodi, Rose, Harry, Millie, Frankie and Thomas took part in a dodgeball tournament in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset competing against eight other schools.

There were three games per match and 2 minutes per game. We won the majority of our games but unfortunately we didn’t get a medal. However, we will get certificates for taking part.

 Rules: There were four people per team on the court and one boy and one girl grabbing the balls when they went out of play who had to put them back in the corner of the court. There were three whistles: two to get ready and then the referee would say “321” and blow the third whistle to start. Then we would all run from behind the line to get to the three balls. If you got hit you would get taken out but if another team member caught the ball that player will be able to get back on the court. The winner, after the 2 minutes was up, was the team with the most players left or if all of the other players are out. If you stepped out of the court (which a few of us did once or twice) you had to sit out onto the mat.

We all showed great respect to the other players by shaking their hands by the end of the game and enjoyed the overall experience.

 Written by Kodi and Rose




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