Junior Houses

The junior school have four houses and this year they have been re-named after the ships: Matthew, Waverley, SS Great Britain and Balmoral. Each house has chosen it’s own Year 6 house captains and vice captains. Prospective candidates gave speeches to their houses and the children democratically elected their captains and vice captains. Well done to all who put themselves forward and congratulations to:


SS Great Britain

House Captains: Daisy Knott and Morgan Pennell

Vice Captains: Billy Marsh and Riyn Dahnoun


House Captains: Finlay Grant and Emily Crees

Vice Captains: Charlie Pratt and Ella Fox


House Captains: Caden Best and Hannah O’Connor

Vice Captains: Hamish Bryant and Esmee Audain


House Captains: Milly Elliot and Dan Johnston

Vice Captains: Rachel Crees and Seb Whitmore

The houses hold fundraising events for the charity Action Aid – each house supports a child in another country. The houses also compete at school sporting events.


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