Medical Information

We want our children to be fit and healthy, to ensure they enjoy school and they work to the best of their ability.  However we all know children do get ill frequently, and of course being a school, illnesses can spread quickly.  We do ask, for the sake of all children (and staff) that if your child is unwell you keep them at home, and only let them come back to school when they are better or when the required time frame has passed.

All our support staff have been trained in Emergency First Aid.  We also have a handful of staff that are trained to a higher level and who are designated first aiders during the school day and at lunchtimes.


It is not the school’s legal responsibility to accept the administration of medicines on behalf of the parent. If short term medicines such as antibiotics or cough linctus etc is necessary during the day it implies the child may not be sufficiently recovered from their illness and should not be in school. Where it is essential for medication to be administered in school (asthma, diabetes, anaphalactic shock) parents must give written permission and directions about how and when to use – a form is available from the school office. We remind parents that it is their responsibility to ensure sufficient medication is provided and kept up to date.

Our Pupil Illness and Medication Policy (follow link), details what to do if your child is ill, when they can come back to school or what happens if he/she falls ill at school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to the office.

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