Mini Police

Hello from your Mini Police at Highdown we wanted to let you know what we have been working on since starting in November.

Our first week involved getting issued our uniform and how to stand in parade when Kylie and Claire say “Cadets Parade” very loudly.

Don’t we look smart in our uniform?  Our uniforms make us look professional, responsible and feel important. We had pictures taken for our Mini Police lanyards.

We have been given homework too! But Kylie made learning the phonetic alphabet fun whilst we learn to march around the hall.

We have learnt about ‘Force values’.  We have found out that they are very similar to our values of being a good school pupil and a good friend.  They included being caring, and inclusive and learning from our experiences and being courageous enough to speak out when things aren’t right. We are learning about the Police Family and structure in the Ranks there are lots of roles for Police Officers and names too, the Police family includes dogs and horses too which we hopefully will visit in the new year.

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