School Travel Plan


High Down Infant and Junior Schools federated on 1st January 2015 and the two schools continue to work closely together to share ideas and initiatives on safe and environmentally friendly travel. The focus has always been to keep the area around the schools as free from cars as possible and to encourage the children to walk or cycle to school wherever possible.

Historic Successes:

For the last few years, the schools have taken part in a government initiative through North Somerset Council called “The Travel Plan” and High Down Infant and Junior Schools are two of a small number of schools to have been awarded the Gold Award for their commitment to the programme.

The schools have also succeeded in campaigning for the following:

  • a zebra crossing (installed in 2007)
  • a 20mph speed limit outside the school (installed in 2013)
  • Ongoing Initiatives:The schools have implemented a phased start to the day whereby parents of children in the Junior school, Infant school and nursery will arrive to drop the children off at staggered times
  • There are bicycle racks at the front of the Junior School which are available for use by pupils of both schools
  • Regular advice is sent to parents about safe and sensible parking and about where they can and cannot park (see below)
  • Both schools participate in Walk to School Week activities
  • Pupils in Years 4 and 6 of the Junior school are offered the opportunity to take part in the cycling proficiency programme
  • Regular liaison takes place with Avon and Somerset Police and with North Somerset Council representatives as part of a Ideally, all of our pupils would walk or cycle to school, as a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choice.  However, we appreciate that many parents have no choice but to use the car to bring their children to school. That being the case, we would ask that the guidelines below, formulated following consultation with residents, Avon and Somerset Police and the Travel Plan committee, be respected:

Our Advice to Parents on Parking:

Try to park a little further away from the school and walk the extra distance. Suggested parking areas are:

  1. The car park at the top of Avon Way
  2. The area by the shops on West Hill Triangle
  3. Merlin Park
  4. Down Road past Tower Road or towards Lower Down Road
  5. Marconi Road and Kings Road

Designated ‘no go’ areas for parking are:

  1. Highview, Ridge Close and Downleaze
  2. Down Road between Tower Road and The Downs
  3. Manor Close
  4. The Downs on the side opposite the school or on the no parking areas around the school gate
  • be considerate to local residents when parking by not blocking driveways, parking on the pavement or causing an obstruction
  • Respect the speed limit around the school at all times of day
  • Do not pull up in the bus stop to let your children out

The benefits will be:

  • Healthier lifestyles and better start to the school day
  • Chance to chat to parents and friends on the way to school Safer roads for all, especially pedestrians and cyclists
  • Less pollution and congestion

 Staff Car Park

Please note that the staff car park cannot be used for parent parking.  If you or your child has mobility difficulties, whether temporary or permanent, please see Mrs Cowan or Mr Welsh, who would be pleased to discuss the possible use of the car park with you.

Source of Further Information:

  • – Government road safety website aimed at adults and children
  • – Children’s section of the Think website with games aiming to improve children’s road safety awareness
  • – A good website with games to help children think about road safety

Please check out this link for more information about road safety:

  • Think!Government road safety website – aimed at adults and children
  • Travel Smart Schools is a website that provides information about the travel habits of the Infant school children and compares this information with other schools. You can also view our travel plan and road safety map under the resources section. Please click here to visit the website.

The map below shows the suggested no parking areas (marked with a cross), within approximately 5 minutes’ walk or 250m of the school gate.  Under the guidelines of both the School Travel Plan and the National Healthy Schools Programme we should be making every effort for our children to get daily exercise.  As a school we wish to encourage all children to walk for at least 5 minutes to school every day.

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