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 The Friends of High Down Junior School (the Friends) is an active group open to parents, family, staff and governors who meet regularly.  We aim to “Advance the education of the pupils in the school, purchasing items that the school may not otherwise be able to afford, through fundraising” and “Organise events that the children can become involved in and gain both in their development and enjoyment”.

News 2020/21

As a consequence of Covid 19, the FHDJS were unable to fundraise during the last school year to the capacity we have achieved previously.

The group is running on limited funds and we are unlikely to be able to host the Christmas Fair which has, in the past, been a great fundraiser and happy evening.

We have been continuing however, to support the school with financial donations towards essential resources during the closure and were particularly pleased that we could support some treats for our Year 6’s, who finished their primary school journey so abruptly at High Down in complete contrast to those children in previous years.  That said, they were extremely resilient and made us very proud.

We intend to produce the children’s Christmas cards as in previous years, although as we are unable to be in school ourselves we will be relying on staff support to get them done, so thank you in advance to the staff their help.  This is a good fundraiser and parents receive something very personal to their child as a result.

Staff often place requests for items that they ask the FHDJS to fund.  The committee reviews each request and going forward we will be collaborating with Mr Hopkins on how best to decide priorities for the currently finite funds.  This will highlight to staff, parents and carers that the limited funds are being used to benefit all the children.

We are already thinking up imaginative alternative fundraising ideas to top up the pot – if you have any suggestions please do email us on:

Thank you as always for all your support.


Committee Members 2020/21

Chair – Debbie Brown

Vice Chair – Christianne Audain

Secretary – Liz Aston / Tracey Robbins

Treasurer – Hannah Jones


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