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Earthkeepers 2018


Year 5 had the opportunity to work together as a crew as part of the Pride in Play workshop. As well as learning new games to play that include everyone, the children learnt valuable skills such as communication and teamwork.

Year 5 were extremely fortunate to receive a visit from Space Detectives’ Jo Richardson, who was instrumental in our school receiving the Space Education Quality Mark for its work on the Tim Peake Primary Project last year. This time, Jo extended the children’s knowledge of stage rockets beyond the Saturn V to the Soyuz craft and the recent success of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch in Florida. Best of all, the children were also able to explore the surface of the Moon via Jo’s virtual reality headsets, where they drove the lunar buggy on the Apollo 15 mission! We look forward to working with Jo again in the near future. Mr Culverhouse

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