Message from PSA

Dear Parents/Carers,

This term the PSA’s fundraising activities will be hugely impacted by the necessary restrictions in place due to COVID-19. As we are unable to fundraise through events such as the Harvest and Christmas fairs we anticipate a significant dip in fundraising income this term. At this time there is list of resources and equipment for the school that the PSA would usually put funds towards, some of these now relate directly to meeting the educational needs of children due to the unfolding pandemic.

The school would like to invest in a number of refurbished Chromebooks  to support children who do not have access to computers at home to assist them in the event of self isolation periods or in the event of any future closures. The PSA are keen to fundraise for this and support the school, the children and the staff and so have launched a Crowdfunder to achieve the funds for the Chromebooks. In place of a Christmas/Harvest  fair the PSA will be launching a number of participatory activities for families to get involved in this term. We are asking families who are in a position to do so to donate to the Crowdfunder and support the PSA and the School in a different way this term. Your donations will be gratefully received and we very much hope to get back to fundraising in a more engaging way very soon.

The Crowdfunder can be viewed here:  We acknowledge that this is a challenging time for many families and if you are not in a position to donate you can help just as much by simply sharing our appeal with your friends and family and spreading the word.

With all good wishes,


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