Message from the Friends and the PSA

Hello Everyone!
As Harvest & Halloween are going to be slightly different this year, the Friends and the Infant PSA wanted
to help brighten up Portishead this Autumn.
As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, we thought we could add a pop of colour to your
windows via your very talented children & you, and create our own sunshine!
So! Attached is a High Down Autumn colouring sheet for you to print and colour in or decorate.
We would really like you to post your completed pictures to the Friends and Infant PSA Facebook pages
(no children’s details please) so we can fill our squares with colour as well!
Display the finished pictures in your window at home so we can all look out for them on our walks, on the
school runs or on the way to the shops, let’s try to cover as much of Portishead as we can this
Autumn. Maybe you could also safely deliver a completed picture to a neighbour or your Auntie or
Grandad as well for them to display. It’s up to you!
The Friends and PSA are very pleased to collaborate on this and are really looking forward to seeing how
colourful & fun your pictures are going to be.
We are sure you will understand that we are unfortunately unable to provide paper copies for you at this
Keep going everyone – stay safe & keep colouring!
FHDJS & Infant PSA

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