Junior School

Each week, class teachers will choose a child/children who has demonstrated exceptional effort, achievement, kindness etc. to be entered into the Golden Book. A Headteacher Golden Sticker will be presented to children whose names are put in the book. Names will be read out at our weekly Celebration Assembly and shared on this page of the website.

Golden Book Service:

27th November 2020

Years 3 & 4 – Chloe & Hugo 3AB, Gabriel & Zac 3T, Jacob & Edith 3W, Oliver & Erin 4D, Nate & Laraya 4F and Jonah & Erin 4W.

Years 5 & 6 – Lucy & Jacob 5W, Henry & Poppy 5CH, Annabel & Emily 5D, Olwyn & Evelyn 5S, Will & Emily 6B, Roxanne & Zoe 6G and all of 6H.

20th November 2020

Year 3 & 4 – Rhian & Oliver 3AB, George & John 3T, Nadia & Isobel 3W, George & Jocelyn 4D, Ella & Bella 4F and Sam & Toby 4W.

Years 5 & 6 – Arthur & Max 5CH, Simeon & Oli 5D, Jordan & Samuel 5S, Roxana & Anna 5W, Own & Sophie 6B and Kristiyan & Layla 6G.

Infant School

Every week we have a Celebration service to recognise children’s efforts in a particular area.  This takes place weekly, usually on a Friday, and is attended by half the classes in rotation. Two children from each class attending receive a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate. This is an opportunity to celebrate special work and/ or children who have displayed the school values, followed the golden rules particularly well or applied their ‘Learnasaur’ learning powers.

Stars of the Week

27th November 2020

Max & Freddie Ducks, Chalie & Rose Swans, Ellliott & Emily Penguins, Teo & Isla Owls, Ally & Sophia Falcons and Elena & Enzo Pelicans.

13th November 2020
Luca & Fern Ducks, Hattie & Mali Swans, Elliott F & Lizzie Penguins, Alex & Sophia K Falcons, Will & Harper Pelicans and Bella & Aoife Owls.



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