Covid-19 Information including Teams support

We are very pleased that we have been able to relax many of the systems established last year and are looking forward to a more ‘normal’ year with the children. Please see the risk assessment below for additional information about the systems still in place for the children, staff and other adults. If advice changes and we need to return to some, or all, of our previous risk assessment systems then we will inform parents immediately and will up date the risk assessment stored on this page.

If any child needs to isolate then we will send out our remote learning planner immediately and will set assignments via Teams. If we need to close any classes then we will move to teaching via Teams. This was  incredibly successful last year (Jan-March 21) and we were very proud of the children, their  levels of engagement with direct teaching as well as the high standards of  work they produced. Thank you for supporting your children so well during a very difficult time.

“I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for all the hard work that is so evident in supporting our children with the most recent lockdown and school closures. The transition to online provision has been so smooth for us as a family. The daily Teams meetings has given structure and focus to the day which has helped maintain the learning mindset that would be seen in school. I especially want to thank (teacher) for such professionalism during the Teams sessions and responses to messages and work sent in. (Teacher’s) patience and support for the children has been exceptional and (child) has responded very positively to the contact Teams allows with (class). While we are not always able to complete a full timetable each day due to my own work and study commitments, engagement with the provision is positive and enriching. Nothing compares to being in school but I think High Down are meeting and exceeding any remote requirements to keep children learning and interacting with their syllabus and classmates.”

Home Learning

This will be sent via Teams but we have also left previous resources and information on Drop Box to provide  additional information.

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