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Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find details below of online music lessons available from North Somerset Music Service:

Learn Online

Learn Online is the brand new platform for North Somerset young musicians. Developed by the Music Service for its pupils, members of NSCYM, Lions Brass4Youth and Weston Youth Orchestra it is a new and exciting place to explore and learn.

Divided into zones there are loads of resources (and they will be growing further) to keep users musically stimulated.

Play On is subdivided into activities and resources for each instrumental family, so click on your type of instrument to see what activities you can try and pieces you can learn.

Get Creative has three sections.  One to enable you to explore improvising, another to get you composing and a third to help develop listening skills.

Let’s Interact contains links to tools that will enable you to enjoy interacting with different fun pieces of software and is also where online lessons over the Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform can be accessed.

Be Inspired contains links to lots of amazing performances so you can ‘be inspired’ as well as guides on various aspects of music making.

This is just the start of what will become a huge resource for all our pupils to learn from.

To register for free use of the site families should visit

1-2-1 music lessons over Microsoft Teams

We can accept pupils for video conference style 1-2-1 lessons over Microsoft Teams.  Initially only a limited number of teachers are able to deliver these streamed lessons, so pupils may not be taught by their usual tutor.  Teaching in the first instance will be available on:

  •          Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon
  •          Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, French Horn, Tenor Horn and Tuba
  •          Keyboard and piano
  •          Violin, viola

Soon guitar and voice may also be available.

Families will pay the Music Service directly for these online lessons, the school does not need to be involved other than to let families know this opportunity is available.  There are detailed T&C’s that families and teachers will need to agree to before lessons can commence.

The Teams platform is secure and the system is approved by North Somerset Council for such use.  It is free to download the Microsoft Teams software to a laptop or PC.  To use the Android or iOS app versions on tablets and phones a Microsoft 365 account is required.  However you can use the system on any device without downloading anything by accepting an invitation to a scheduled lesson and using your browser, so there should be no obstacle to anyone accessing this learning.

If families wish to book lessons on an instrument not listed or voice/guitar, please email and we will endeavour to see if it can be arranged.

Please note we are only able to offer individual lessons at this time, so we realise that families who normally pay for group lessons in schools may not wish to engage with this offer.

To book lessons families should log into their account and select the Let’s Interact tab.  If they have not yet registered for a free Learn Online account with us they will need to do so to access the lessons via the Let’s Interact zone.

Lesson costs

To help families during the period of school closures and lock down we are subsidising these lesson costs further than usual and absorbing the online booking provider’s fees so this is not added onto the cost to families.  We are only able to do this for a limited time.

2 x 20 minute lessons   £22.00

3 x 20 minute lessons   £33.00

4 x 20 minute lessons   £43.00

5 x 20 minute lessons   £52.00

2 x 30 minute lessons  £33.00

3 x 30 minute lessons  £49.00

4 x 30 minute lessons  £64.00

5 x 30 minute lessons  £77.00

Mark Trego

Music Service Leader

Music Education Partnership: North Somerset Lead

People and Communities Directorate

North Somerset Council

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