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Lighthouse Schools Partnership is currently consulting on admissions arrangements for 2022-2023 for all the primary schools within the Trust

The consultation will run from Tuesday 24 November 2020 to midday on Tuesday 19 January 2021.  See below for consultation information.

High Down School Governing Body is consulting on reducing its Planned Admission Number (PAN) from 90 to 60 in September 2022. Pupil numbers for Reception classes in Portishead are declining and recent figures from North Somerset demonstrate empty places in the Portishead cluster of: 51 in September 2021, 44 in September 2022, 100 in September 2023 and 51 in September 2024. We expect the greatest proportion of these spaces to be at High Down as the school is furthest from the largest proportion of housing stock. As the majority of funding comes to the school per pupil (£2871.94) holding large numbers of spaces within the school would quickly decimate the budget and make it impossible to provide high quality education for the children.

With a reduction of 30 spaces at High Down there will still be capacity within the Portishead schools for children in the reception cohort (14 in 2022, 70 in 2023, 21 in 2024). If the demographic position alters, with pupil numbers substantially increasing from the current projections, then High Down could breach and take an additional class as the school would have capacity to re-use existing classrooms. High Down has a clear track record of supporting children in Portishead and has breached twice to take additional classes. If, in the future, the pupil projections demonstrated a sustained pattern of growth, High Down could increase the PAN back to 90.

Maintaining high standards of education at High Down is paramount. The governing body is being proactive in requesting a reduction in roll to protect the schools’ finances and ensure they can afford quality provision for all children.

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