Children’s first years in school provide the foundation for lifelong learning. Good learning habits and positive attitudes are nurtured from the earliest stage, building on home-life experiences and the work of pre-school settings. At High Down Infant School we believe in working as partners with families and other professionals, as appropriate, to support the children in their learning and development. We also recognise that our children will begin school with a wide range of knowledge and experience, and we aim to draw upon and foster these skills and interests throughout the Foundation Stage.

We are committed to nourishing each child’s self esteem, self worth and self confidence as well as developing children’s knowledge and skills. We achieve this through a carefully planned environment, and range of learning opportunities that are both child initiated and adult led. As a team we place high importance on providing the children with a range of real-life, fun and challenging activities to develop their independence, and provide them with a sound knowledge and skills base across the seven areas of learning and four underlying themes as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Please look through our EYFS guidelines for further information about our provision and practice.

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