Pupil Voice

At High Down schools’ we have a Junior School Council made up of 2 pupils from each class.

You will elect the members of the school council from your own class at the beginning of the school year.

High Down Junior School Council

They meet regularly with Mr Culverhouse.  The main aim of the School Council is to think about ways of improving the school and making it better.  It is a very exciting thing to be involved with.

School Council Members 2022/23

3AB – Tobias, Echo

3TF – Martha, Xander

3W – Elena, Dexter 

4D – Amy, Arthur 

4F – Orla, Cali 

4W – Martha, Harrison

5CS – Chloe, Finn 

5DS – Edith, Isla 

5W – Liz, Logan

6B – Daisy, Aiden

6H – Hannah, George

6G – Jacob, Chloe

High Down Infant School

In the Infant School, pupil voice is gathered in a variety of ways: through the annual Year 2 pupil questionnaire, ‘meet and greet’ discussions and other informal discussions with children in class, in the playground and in the dining hall; through our PSHE Jigsaw sessions, subject leaders’ pupil voice discussions and ad hoc ‘hands up’ surveys e.g. about school meals.

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