Request from North Somerset Council

Could you please read the information below from North Somerset Council regarding arrival/departing from school.

  • Please do not arrive early in cars to claim preferred spots as this increases congestion.
  • Please switch your engine off whilst parked.
  • Please let your children out only onto the kerbside and not into the road.
  • Please do not attempt u-turns at junctions – it really doesn’t make it very easy for pedestrians or cyclists to cross junctions safely.
  • The pedestrian and cycle zones prohibit motor vehicle use from 8am to 4pm. As well as addressing social distancing issues the purpose of these is to facilitate safe walking and cycling to school.
  • Be aware that the prohibition includes driving into the zones not just stopping within them, so please play you part to help keep the whole school community safe by observing them. The scheme is backed by a traffic regulation orders which allow police officer to issue fixed penalty notices if warranted.
  • For further resources and information please visit and

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