School closure announcement by UK government

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will have heard of the government’s decision to close schools from Friday afternoon. In fact, the decision is to close schools to most families but to provide a support and care service to key workers’ families and maintain provision for some other priority groups, such as children with a social worker. It may be that we completely close some locations and transfer provision to others. Lighthouse Schools Partnership, other local schools and North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset Councils will be working together to develop a good solution. We are making our plans this morning and will have more information available to the community by the end of today. We shall need information from families of key workers and will be issuing an official survey tool during the morning. Please respond to it as a matter of priority, especially if your family is in one of the frontline groups.

We recognise that this is an emergency of the first degree and we are determined to play our part fully and well. Thank you for your continued support during this testing time.

With best wishes,

Andreya Cowan

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