High Down Schools’ Executive Team

Andreya Cowan Executive Head Teacher
Rhodri Hopkins Executive Deputy Head and Deputy Head – Junior School
Penny Atherton Deputy Head Teacher Infant School

High Down Schools’ Senior Leadership Team

Year Group Leaders, Phase Leaders and Inclusion Leaders

Phase Leader – Early Years                                Rachel Hayward

Phase Leader- Key Stage 1                                 Penny Atherton

Year Group Leader – Year 3                                Nicola Wright

Year Group Leader – Year 4                                Nicki Fackrell

Year Group Leader – Year 5                                Ben Culverhouse

Year Group Leader – Year 6                                Kate Gore

Inclusion Leader – Year 5 and 6                         Kate Gore

Inclusion Leader – Infants, Year 3 and 4         Martina Jones

Nursery  Staff:

Nursery Lead                                                         Karen Squintani

LSA                                                                         Jo Shayler

LSA/SMSA                                                              Becky Beech, Liz Hathway, Keely Outhwaite

Infant Teaching Staff: 

Reception Rachel Hayward Year 2 Ella Skinner/Gail Meacock
  Kim Creed/Hannah Rebbeck   Claire Blackford
  Vicky Davis/Vanessa Lyle   Gaynor Godden/Sarah Bates
Year 1 Alison Francis  
  Becky Keys/Jenny Ward  
  Catherine Peprell  

Junior Teaching Staff:

Year 3 Nina Bjergfelt/Maria Adamson Year 5 Ben Culverhouse/Helen Hill
Nicola Wright Joe Sage
Rachael Taylor/Jordan Francombe Becky Wallace
 Year 4 Nicola Fackrell  Year 6 Fiona Gooch/Kate Gore
Dominic Fullan Carol Bennett
Jude Wilson Sarah Hankey/Rhodri Hopkins
Carolyn Davies

Part time teaching colleagues – Juniors:

Future Stars
Helen Hill
Katharine Bohin

Support Staff

Heather Kirkpatrick School Business Manager, Co-opted governor
Kevin Burgess Site Manager
Chris Young Caretaker
Nikki Harris-Evans School Administrator
Sarah Mounter School Administrator
Tina Woods-Jones School Administrator
Jeanette Grueninger School Administrator
Lisa Green Receptionist
Michelle Harrison  Data and Website Support
Ed Jonusas ICT Technician

Learning Mentor

Caroline Battlebury

Assistant Learning Mentor

Tracey Parkinson

Learning Support Assistants (LSAS) – Infants

Sue Betts, Marie Bonnici, Ruth Dane, Rebecca Davies, Liz Dow, Lucy Filer, Emma Gazzard, Phoebe Gibson, Alyson Golledge, Liz Hathway, Jill Hellings, Amanda James, Paige Meredith, Fay Nash, Ann Singer, Steph Smith, Paula Snell and Sarah Tripp.

Learning Support Assistants (LSAS) – Juniors

Claire Ablett, Giusy Amico, Mandy Bruntlett, Chelsea Cleverley,  Laura Dahnoun, Charlie Dangerfield, Holly Davies, Maggi Davies, Rebecca Davies, Amanda Edwards, Lisa Hamilton-James, Michelle Harrison, Amy Hazell, Sue Hearsey, Kirsty Ireland, Kelly Manley, Sally Mansell, Emily Mathews, Jennie Morris, Denise Orton, Kelly Packham, Tracey Parkinson,  Clare Rix, Elizabeth Tagg Janet Tarlton and Laura Villis.

Lunchtime Supervisors (SMSAS) – Infants

Sue Betts, Urmi Chattopadhyay, Ruth Dane, Emma Gazzard, Phoebe Gibson, Jeanette Grueninger, Lisa Hamilton-James, Sonia Madders, Paige Meredith, Fay Nash, Ann Singer, Danielle Southey and Annabel Welsh.

Lunchtime Supervisors (SMSAS) – Juniors

Michelle Roberts (Lead SMSA) Claire Ablett, Giusy Amico, Amanda Bruntlett, Chelsea Cleverley, Charlie Dangerfield, Holly Davies, Maggi Davies, Amanda Edwards, Gemma Guard, Amy Hazell, Sue Hearsey, Kirsty Ireland, Jennie Morris, Vikki Masheader, Sally Phillips, Laura Villis and Pristine Kong.

After School Club

Future Stars

 Executive pay – please note than none of the staff have a gross annual salary and benefits of £100,000 or more.

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