Weekly Briefing 2nd April 2021

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please find weekly updates and reminders below:

Class Bubbles 

As a school we have chosen to keep to class bubbles, during the school day, rather than year group bubbles so that in the eventuality of a positive case we should, hopefully, only need to lockdown one class. To reduce the risk of cross contamination of bubbles we aim to limit the number of staff working across classes. Where we have staff working across two or more bubbles the staff wear masks (if they cannot keep 2 metres away from other staff or children). Supply staff, covering for absence, will also wear masks to reduce the risk of passing Covid between schools. In order to effectively run the school and ensure quality education for all the children, the Executive team and middle leaders may also move between classes to support the learning process. Again measures will be taken such as mask wearing (especially if social distancing isn’t possible) and hand sanitising on top of the lateral flow testing that school staff are participating in twice weekly. Staff who are sharing resources and planning are encouraged to have those conversations from the doorways of classrooms, although provided mitigations are in place, staff can enter other classrooms.Our risk assessment has been thoroughly checked by our Multi Academy Trust. Both the CEO and COO have visited the site over this period to check on the implementation of the Risk Assessment and they have confirmed our risk assessments have been fully implemented. We take the safety of the children and our staff very seriously and are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from the Trust.  

Testing for parents, households and bubbles 

Regular rapid testing is now also available for parents, their households and support or childcare bubbles. The government is encouraging all family adults to participate in twice weekly testing to help stop the spread. Parents and other adults in the household can access tests by: 

* Ordering tests online www.gov.uk/order-school-household-tests ;

• Getting an assisted test at work, if it is available  

• Attending a test site to get tested (where you will be able to see how to take the test) or pick up tests to do at home. 

 To find out more on school household testing visit Households and bubbles of pupils, students and staff of schools and colleges: get rapid lateral flow tests – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk

We continue to encourage everyone to take part in regular Covid-19 testing for the protection of the community.  

School Lunch menu

Please order your child’s lunch on Aspens before 5:00pm the day before.   The menu is a 3 week rotating menu with the dates shown at the top of each week and the correct options now show on Aspens. 

Jacket potatoes with cheese and baked beans will now be offered everyday in addition to the hot meals available.  

*However please note that whilst the children still need to eat in their bubbles in their classrooms and the lunches need to be bagged up individually, the Kitchen can only offer what is on the menu and no alternatives or variations (unless your child has an allergy which the Kitchen have been informed of).   

Allergies & Special Diet

Following on from above, if your child has any allergies or a special diet, it is an Aspens requirement that a new form is now completed (see attached).  Thank you to those who have already completed and returned one. 

Paper copies are also available in the foyer/lobby outside main reception.  Alternatively if you would like us to send one home with your child, please let Lisa know on office@highdownschools.org.

*Please complete and return the form even if your child doesn’t normally have School lunches as copies are kept in the office for various other reasons. 

We hope you all have a great Easter and a lovely break.

Kind regards

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