Weekly Briefing 9.9.21

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Welcome back to a new school year!

Please find this weeks updates and reminders below:

School Office/Reception

If you need to contact us please ring, leave a message or e-mail us on office@highdownschools.org. If you need to visit the School Office/Reception, please come to the lobby outside main reception and use the hatch.  Please do not come into the Reception area unless you are asked to do so or you have an appointment. 

We will sign children in and out for you.  There are useful paper forms in the lobby for you to help yourselves to re: milk forms, absence request forms, parent helper packs etc.   There are also red post boxes for both Infant and Juniors and the PSA and FHDJS if you need to hand anything in.   

Parent Helpers

We are really pleased to be able to welcome parent helpers back in again soon. 

If you would like to be a parent helper, please speak to the class Teacher first.

Once confirmed with them you can pick up a Parent helper pack from the lobby outside main reception (or contact us on office@highdownschools.org to send electronically).

Once you have completed the forms, please contact us on office@highdownschools.org to arrange an appointment to come in with your forms and your identification.  You must do this first before helping in class. 

Drop Off/Pick up

We have been so pleased to welcome you all back onto site with the full use of our gates. Overall, this has worked well this week. Could we ask that parents and carers do not block any areas where routes need to be accessed. Please be mindful of each other and wait if necessary to allow others through. 


We have had requests from local residents for parents to please adhere to the School Travel plan when parking on Down Road and other Roads around the School.   Please do not block residents driveways and ensure there is enough space to keep the traffic flowing.  Please also take care to ensure it is safe for other parents and children who are crossing the roads. 

Vehicles outside School gates

Please could we ask that when vehicles are stationary outside of school, drivers turn their engines off at drop off and at pick up.


We are currently recruiting for a new Deputy Manager for our After School Club. Details and an application form can be found at https://highdownschools.co.uk/staff-governors/vacancies/

We hope you all have a great weekend. 

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