Weekly Update – 10.6.21

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please find weekly updates and reminders below:

School Office/Reception

If you need to come to the School office, please come to the foyer and ring the bell which is now by the hatch (on your left as you walk in).    

You can also contact us on office@highdownschools.org.

If you are bringing your child in late or collecting them earlier, please remain in the foyer and we will sign them in or out for you. 

*Please do not come in through the door unless you are asked to. 

Staff Car park

Please use the pedestrian gate as the car park is a staff only car park and we are very restricted on spaces available.  Please only park in the staff car park if you have a blue disability badge and a disabled space is available, it has been agreed by a Staff member for a specific reason or if you are collecting a poorly/injured child.  

School Drop off/Pick up

Thank you to everyone for still adhering to Social Distancing rules but please can we just ask not to linger on School grounds before or after drop off and to not let children play on the play equipment when waiting. 

Sunhats & Suncream

Now that the weather has got a lot warmer, please ensure that your child has a named sunhat/cap in School and sun cream is applied.  (Sun cream must be applied before coming into School in the morning and there are several brands available that can provide protection for longer periods with one application). 

* Please do not send your child in with sunglasses to wear in school.  These must only be worn if there is a medical need and the Teacher must be informed of this. 

School lunch Theme day

Aspens have a number of theme days coming up and the first of these is next Thursday 17th June 2021.

Climbing Wall fun – Juniors only

We are delighted to let you know that the ever popular Climbing Wall is able to return to the Junior School on the 24 and 25 June!  The children will be taken to the wall during the day in their class groups, with those that do not want to take part being able to watch and cheer their classmates on.  Unfortunately we were unable to hold this event last year but the older children within the junior school will be able to tell you that one of the best bits is when the staff have a go! 

Further information will be sent via School Comms to Junior parents in the next couple of days, concerning payment and consent that is needed by 18 June 2021.   So please keep an eye on your inbox & ParentPay!

The climbing wall has been a brilliant fundraising activity for the FHDJS in the past and something that the children really enjoy.  

Non-uniform – Feel Good Friday!

Please see message from the PSA and FHDJS below:

Friday 2 July 2021

Now – we all know there are some outfits that just make us ‘Feel Good’ – dressed up or dressed down they make us smile and put a spring in our step. There may not have been that opportunity recently to wear those party dresses or that new football kit, that special teeshirt or a jumper that Nan knitted, so why not wear it to school on Feel Good Friday!

The FHDJS and the Infant PSA host a whole school non uniform day to make everyone smile – please wear your favourite outfit, your feel good one – the one that makes you grin & feel great – this is for children and staff alike! (just remember to stick with sensible footwear! Also children will also still need coats/sunhats depending on the weather and should have something to cover their shoulders when they go outside).

All we ask is for a donation via ParentPay  – minimum suggested is a £1.

We look forward to seeing your outfits!

FHDJS & Infant PSA

We hope you all have a great weekend. 

Kind regards

School Office

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