Weekly Update – 21.1.22

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please find this weeks updates and reminders below:


Please can we remind all parents that Tower Road (including High View, Ridge Close, Hilltop), Downleaze and The Deans are designated as pedestrian and cycling zones. This means that unless there is a legal exception, vehicles are not permitted between 8am and 4pm. Please do not park in these roads. 

Please be considerate when turning into The Downs or other side roads and do not undercut other vehicles 

Please do not park on the right of The Downs – there is plenty of space further down to park on the left. Please park considerately and not on pavements etc.  Residents have also asked for engines not be left running when parked up. 

Thank you

Reporting Absences

Please leave a message on our telephone absence line 01275 843969 explaining the reasons behind your child’s absence by 9:30am at the latest. If your child has tested positive for   Covid please also state the start and end date of their isolation.  *Please do not report absence by e-mail because we may not see this until later in the day, by which time the absence may already be recorded as unauthorised. 


If your child has had an upset stomach then they cannot return to School until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. 

Home Learning

If your child is isolating due to covid and feels well enough, the remote home learning planners can be found on your child’s Microsoft Teams account, along with additional resources.  Assignments will also be set on Teams.  If you have any problems logging in then please contact Lisa on office@highdownschools.org

Chromebooks and laptops are also available from School if you do not have the technology at home and again please contact the office on office@highdownschools.org

Leaving the school site

Can we please remind parents that they should leave the school site as soon as possible after collecting their children, both at the end of the normal school day and when collecting from after school clubs.  In particular, children should not be playing on the playground equipment after school.  Thank you.


Thank you so much to all those parents who have responded to reminders about children not riding on scooters on the school site.  While we are keen to promote scooter usage on the journey to school as a healthy way to travel, once on the school site, children scooting could become a hazard for adults and other children alike.  Scooters should therefore be wheeled or carried by an adult.  They can be left during the day in the scooter rack in the Infant front playground.

We would also respectfully ask that pre-school siblings follow this rule.  Thank you.

Learning Support Assistant Vacancy

We have an afternoon vacancy for a 1:1 Learning Support Assistant in the Junior School. Please visit our website for full details and an application form (https://highdownschools.co.uk/staff-governors/vacancies/)

We hope you all have a great weekend. 

Kind regards

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