Weekly Update – 30th September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please find this weeks updates and reminders below:

Reporting absences

Absences must be reported by phoning the school on 01275 843969 by 10:00am each day.  Please select the appropriate option to report absence and then leave your message.   Please be as specific as you can regarding the reason.  Obviously knowing the reason for all absences in the current climate is paramount. 

School Census Day Menu Thursday 7th October 2021

Please could we encourage parents and carers of all Infant School pupils to book a school dinner on Thursday 7th October.  The meal is free and we have a special Italian menu with pizza and lasagne . The more Infant pupils who book a meal that day, the more funding the school will receive this year.

IMPORTANT – as the menu was changed to the Italian special it is possible that an order you made previously has been deleted from Select. Please could you check and if necessary re book.

Entitlement to Free School Meals/Pupil Premium

If you think that your child might be eligible for free school meals based on income please could you register at https://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/schools-learning/local-schools/free-school-meals – even if your child is an Infant and currently does not pay for meals, registration now will release pupil premium funding which can be spent on supporting your child in class. It will also mean that meals will automatically continue to be free in the Juniors. The deadline for registration to attract pupil premium funding this academic year is 6th October.

Grounds Development

As you will have noticed, there are areas of the Infant grounds which are awaiting repair or development: the ramp from the Infant back playground, the pirate ship area and the area where the temporary classroom used to be. We have funds to develop these areas but during the recent period it has been very hard to find anyone with the capacity to quote for the works. 

Things seem a little better now and we are working on obtaining the necessary quotes so we can finalise plans. If anyone has any contacts in the building/landscaping industries who might be interested please could you let us know.

We hope you all have a great weekend. 

Kind regards

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