Weekly Updates

Please find the weekly updates below along with useful reminders for next week


Book Drop Week 

Thank you for your amazingly generous and fantastic response to Book Drop Week – we have had an enormous amount of donations – books have been sorted into year groups by volunteers and staff will soon be making their choices!


Quiz ‘n’ Chips – Friday 20 March 2020

Whole School Event!

Annual fun fundraising evening for parents, staff and friends of the school.

£12:50pp.  Team of 4.

Chippie Supper included!

Forms available from school office (if one didn’t come home with your child!)

Look forward to seeing you!

Sports Relief (whole school)  – Wednesday 11th March 2020

Come to school dressed in red and white and/or black sports clothing and trainers and bring in a donation for Sport Relief.  Red and white or black football kits are allowed. Run the sport relief mile on our field during the school day.

Year 6 Secondary School Place

Yr 6 parents – You should have now received your secondary school offer. Please note that you need to click to accept the place.

Year 4 – Caerleon School Trip – Tuesday 10th March

Thank you to those parents that have kindly provided consent and payment for the Caerleon School Trip next Tuesday

As you are aware we MUST have parental consent for each School Trip.

Can we please those parents who have yet to provide this, pop onto parentpay to provide consent and payment as soon as possible.  If you wish to pay by cash using the paypoint facility, please request a barcode letter from the School Reception.

Many thanks for your co-operation.



There has been an outbreak of headlice in the Juniors so please check your child’s hair regularly and treat where necessary (as well as other members of the household).  Useful tips are to use Teatree shampoo and conditioner as a preventative measure.  If you child does have headlice then once you have applied the treatment, thoroughly comb through to remove any eggs (the nitty gritty nit comb is the best for this) then drying your child’s hair with a hairdryer also helps.


Junior Reminders for next Week

Tuesday 10th March  – Year 4 Trip to Caerleon – as mentioned above, don’t forget to go on Parentpay to provide consent and payment.

Wednesday 11th March – Sports Relief – wear red and white and/or black sports clothing and trainers (football kits included).

Year 3 Swimming.

Thursday 12th March – 3W trip to Leigh Woods, non uniform – wear warm waterproof clothing with wellies or waterproof walking  boots, waterproof trousers, woolly jumper or fleece with long sleeved top underneath, waterproof coat, hat, scarf and gloves, a named carrier bag to go in rucksack and packed lunch and drink in a bottle. *Don’t forget to go on Parentpay to provide consent and payment if not already done so. 


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