Weekly Updates

Dear Parents/Carers,

Listed below are some updates and reminders for this week:

Worms and headlice

Please be vigilant and let class teachers know about any outbreaks of parasites – we have had a number of cases reported recently.

Medication in School

If your child needs/may need medicine during the school day which you would like us to administer, please complete the relevant health form which you can get from the office.  The medicine must be kept with the form and given to the office or class teacher.  Please advise if it should be kept in the fridge.  *Please note, we cannot give medicine without your signed consent and children should not bring in themselves and self-medicate.

Car Parking and Car engines

Just a reminder to park considerately around the school and not on yellow lines or block driveways.  A few people have also reported a number of cars stationary outside of school who have their engines still running.  Please ensure your engines are turned off while you are waiting in or outside the school grounds.

Reminder – Year 1 outing next week

Year 1 will be out visiting the local area next week, dates below:

Swans – Monday 20th January

Ducks and Penguins – Tuesday 21st January

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