Year 4 Star Trail

Last Wednesday, Year 4 immersed themselves in the Christmas story in this season of Advent. This
opportunity has arisen due to the hard work, dedication and creativity of the volunteer team at St Peter’s
Church where in previous years we have visited to follow the Star trail.
During the morning, a beautifully decorated treasure box was delivered for each class. In order to unlock
the box, we needed to solve a question. Inside we discovered, many more decorated boxes and activities
which provided a host of learning opportunities in groups. This brought us together as a class since many
answers needed several jigsaw pieces to unlock a code or solve a puzzle-many happy hours of learning and
Alongside, we were guided through by actors linking the story of Christmas and activities -all provided on a
memory stick-even this needed the first puzzle to be resolved in order to reveal the password!
The absolute surprise came when we were presented with a class gift and one for each child to share with
their family this Christmas and in the years to come. A truly magical and wondrous day!
Thank you so much to the team at St Peter’s Church from Year4.

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